About Renaissance Botanical or Botanical Seed Bombs!

We have been selling on other venues on the web for years under the name Renaissance Botanical. We live in a 100 year old house in rural America, near the Idaho, Alberta and Montana border. We have lots of trees and flower gardens, rose thickets which we utilize in our work. We also have lots of animals visiting the property year round.  Tonight we had 3 deer and 4 raccoons!


Our seed bombs are created with all natural ingredients including recycled paper, clay and organic soil. We use wildflower seeds in most of our seed bombs but also create herb seed bombs as well. We do custom orders for favors and if you have something in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our most popular favors these past few years have been the burlap and organza favors. Our most popular gifts are the tubes, and the literary and songbird gift boxes.


2017 Wedding season is upon us and remember to book early as we need 4 weeks minimum lead time when it gets really busy. We like to make the seed bombs as fresh as possible and we have happily sent out thousands of botanical seed bombs and favors already this year!

Each year brings new designs and ideas so check back often!

You can also find us at Etsy.




The newest green instruction card designs. All larger orders come with instruction cards as a bonus!



Thank you for stopping by!


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